Primary School Websites

Many schools do not have a good, current, website.   This is probably  due to the problem that such sites are invariably made by the ICT teacher in their own time.  Some schools have been trailblazing the way with interesting, interactive and informative sites.  A few are listed below.

If you know of a good school website here in the U.K. or anywhere around the World please E-Mail me  Thanks!

Ambleside Primary School in the Lake District to see the new & fantastic Ambleside school site.

Snaith Primary School has had over 500,000 visitors todate!

Sutton on Sea County Primary School.

Southbury Primary School, Enfield, London is at where you can also find a page of links to free software.

Richmount Primary School in Portadown is definitely worth a look. They have an extensive links page too!

James Bancroft has a site of online ideas and even more school websites.

Humpherlinks is a resource for freeware, free services, information,   advice and resources for the benefit of all ages, but mainly children.

The site created by R L Adie is a cornucopia of curriculum resources and she has said that they may be freely copied and used for education and for private study so long as the source is acknowledged.

Kids Freeware isn't a school site but it does exactly what it says on the tin.

FREE MAC and PC software can be found here.