Other curriculum areas:

Music: Shareware version of Noteworthy Composer (full price is about 30, the shareware demo only allows 10 saves per piece of music) but it is about 520 cheaper than Sibelius2 but still has midi input, great support and an active community & newsgroup.

GrooveBlender2 is a Shockwave music making file. It can be downloaded and used but is better if you can still connect to the Net to use the other styles (HipHop and Electronica) (1.8Mb).

Music Games online from BBC Radio 3 (although some are very slooow to load with a normal modem and phone line).

Various free programs are available for individual use at home from http://www.freeserifsoftware.com   They are usually the older versions of current programs and all that is required is for you to download them and register with Serif (so they can send you masses of sales literature!).  As some of them are so big you can pay 3 to have the CDROM delivered to your door.

PagePlus5: a DeskTop Publishing program. (20.6Mb)

DrawPlus4: a comprehensive,yet simple, drawing packag. (23.6Mb)

PhotoPlus5.5: For photographs and paint type images. (3.8Mb)

WebPlus6: Simple web site creation package.

3DPlus2: add a new dimension to your Web graphics projects, presentations, or desktop publishing work. (20.6Mb)

AVG Virus Checker is free  from Grisoft and is an effective barrier to virus attacks, my system has proved that it works!! (2+Mb)

OPEN OFFICE is yet another free package to compete with    Micro$oft. It is a complete Office suite and contains wordprocessing, spreadsheet, drawing, presentation and html packages. As it is such a big download it is best to look out for it on computer magazine cover CDROMs.

BBC Eureka site is too bright for an old man like me.

Please E-Mail webmaster@jollyjoice.co.uk  if you find good, free,  programs or if you find that some of the links to other sites do not work.