Computers (ICT)

Logo: a free version called msw Logo is available from and there are lots of links to other logo sites there too. (1.2Mb)

PowerDesk v4 PowerDesk is a replacement for Windows Explorer and is a file manager. (1.4Mb) It helps control Windows file functions with an easy to use graphical interface  -  it's the program that Windows Explorer should have been.

Game Maker is simply an easy way to make computer games and some of the results are very, very impressive. It's an ideal way to start off your career as a computer games designer (apart from attending Peter's course at the Dept of Information and Computing Sciences in Utrecht University)

DUCKBUILDER is a program to create a duck that will fly! The educational firm that have made it (CGP) sell thousands of great books to help teachers and children from Reception way up to K.S 4.  (1.3Mb)


Professor Doctor Mark Overmars

Dept of Information and Computing Sciences,

Utrecht University,

The Netherlands.

Creator of

Motion Planning,

Drawing for Children and Game Maker.