Pre-School & Early Years

BABYONE: a Windows program for use by One-year-olds. (29Kb) Hit the keyboard and various pictures will appear with accompanying beeps.  To end the program click the mouse or type 'QUIT' . Written by Peter Balch

Drawing for Children (1.71Mb) is another gem by Mark Overmars and has been greatly improved since he released the original version. It's too good to let you win the Turner Prize at the Tate.

Tux Typing is an educational typing tutor.

It features several different types of

gameplay, at a variety of difficulty levels

(Mac & Windows).

Road has proved to be popular with young and old children alike. It is written by Peter Balch. It is a game where you layout a road system (even with train tracks if you so wish) and watch the traffic circulate  -  or not.  The new version lets you set up a race track and race little cars around. Upper age limit  -  99? (150Kb)

Digger is also free  -  despite what Peter says on his site he has informed me that it is totally FREE! A drawing program for young children. It allows them to paste together bright yellow fantasy heavy earth moving equipment. (289Kb)