English (Literacy)

WORDSEARCH FACTORY will enable you to create wordsearch puzzles that are as simple or complicated as you wish. (2.2Mb) Simply type in the word list (up to 30) and decide on the layout and the program will endeavour to fit all of them into your grid. It also creates an answer grid.

Spelling Programs: Finding a decent English based free spelling problem has proved difficult as most are based on American English. If you find one please let us know.  Try these for starters (Spell the Fruit/Vegetable) and The Most commonly Used words.

Online Aesop's fables. Do you know that Aesopīs Fables have been around since 620 B.C.! How many millions of children (us included) have enjoyed hearing them and learning from them for centuries!  Now you can enjoy, listen and discuss one of the most famous of this fables with 21st Century technology at its best!

Did you know …..that if you want to view a webpage without the toolbars being so large then simply press the function key F11 to expand the window and shrink the toolbars?