Maths (Numeracy)

Logo is a programming language that can be as simple or complicated as you want (1.35Mb). Key Stage 2 children investigate Logo as part of their ICT work.  There are still many useful sites out there for Logo lovers.

Fractals simply generates pretty mathematical patterns called fractals. Aros fractals (165Kb)

Multiplication tables

Times tables are a part of mathematical learning that you actually end up using in your everyday life.

Guide to the Times Tables is an easy and fun way to practice your multiplication skills.  (825Kb) Written by Grey Olltwit whose site has many more free programs and a great reason for his work too.

Loose Change is also from Grey Olltwit and is a money program.

Tangram is a well known Chinese puzzle. (0.9Mb)  The goal is to form various shapes from 7 pieces. TANGRAM:  (Mark Overmars)

MATHS WORKSHEET FACTORY  will produce worksheets full of number crunching calculations and an answer sheet. You can select the levels of difficulty, the number of calculations on a page and the type of calculations.  (2.2Mb)

http://gingerbooth.com/shapegame/ Here is a lovely little tile/shape game to investigate tessellations and symmetrical patterns or simply experiment with ONLINE. It's like a 2D tiles screen from My World3.

;-))   Did you know that some folks call all types of calculations SUMS  -  but only     addition  calculations are SUMS?